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Experienced Staff

With over 30,000 patients enrolled in the program, the PfizerFlex team has years of experience supporting patients.

Dedicated Service

Our Care Coaches are focused on you, and are accessible and dedicated to supporting you for as long as you need.

Supportive Team

From helping with access to medication, to treatment management and lifestyle tips, our team offers services designed to adapt to your individual support needs.

Our Services

Live support, available from our dedicated team and your Care Coach, for enrolment or general questions about the program or treatment with RUXIENCE.

Reimbursement expertise to help you find and secure coverage for your treatment plan.

Experienced team members to help you access your medication as quickly as possible.

Practical tools to help you navigate your treatment plan.

For more information, call the PfizerFlex Patient Support Program
1-855-935-FLEX (3539)(Bilingual telephone assistance is available)

This information is intended only for residents of Canada.

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